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Another stolen ‘revolution’? Inside Syriza – the Dragasakis right wing vs the Lafazanis radical left. A coup by banks not tanks.

Traducerea în limba româna e făcută de Cezar Turcanu, o găsiți în partea a doua, mai jos.. Excerpts from an interview with Stathis Kouvelakis, Syriza spokesperson and central committee member: The Struggle Continues – an account of what has transpired … Continuă lectura

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”In 3.07.15 peste 100.000 de oameni au iesit in piata Syntagma sa spuna OXI, cel mai mare protest politic din Grecia de la caderea dictaturii militare, un protest contra FMI&co, contra Troika.. Momentul in care Alexis Tsipras a inceput discursul … Continuă lectura

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GREXIT – consecinta a ‘restructurarilor’ impuse de Troika

Tsipras: „Without an honourable compromise, we will say no” Varoufakis: Greece needs a great deal of adjustment. But not of the same kind that we have had in the past. We need more reforms not more cutbacks. RESULTS of IMF … Continuă lectura

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